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World first! Added Blackshark 3 PRO/3/2 PRO/2 models, Supported Flash,Read/Erase/Write Partition,Factory Reset,Reset FRP,Reset ID,PFM!
ADDED "Reset ID lock" button for Xiaomi Modules, supported reset account lock directly!

General Module:
FIXED: Optimized software operation process

Xiaomi Module:
ADDED Blackshark 3 PRO (MOBIUS) {Flash,Read/Erase/Write Partition,Factory Reset,Reset FRP,PFM}
ADDED Blackshark 3 (KLEIN) {Flash,Read/Erase/Write Partition,Factory Reset,Reset FRP,PFM}
ADDED Blackshark 2 PRO (DARKLIGHTER) {Flash,Read/Erase/Write Partition}
ADDED Blackshark 2 (SKYWALKER) {Flash,Read/Erase/Write Partition}

ADDED:"Reset ID lock" button on service tabs, supported reset account lock directly
ADDED Blackshark 3 PRO (MOBIUS) (MOBIUS) {Reset ID}
ADDED Blackshark 3 (KLEIN) (KLEIN) {Reset ID}
ADDED Blackshark 2 PRO (DARKLIGHTER) {Reset ID}
ADDED Blackshark 2 (SKYWALKER) {Reset ID}
ADDED Blackshark 1 (SHARK) {Reset ID (Android 8.x)}

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