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for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
More than 7100 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands is now on [Var] Tab.
Added Support of V2 Protocol (Issues with 'device not authenticated')
Mi Account Disabler [Mi Account] button.
Added External Signature Support (.sig files) used by Oppo and other new Models
Added Detection of Tampered Files by 3rd party tools.
Added [nCHKS] Option, Untick it if need Download Checksum Verification.
Added new SoC's MT6768, MT6779, MT6785
Attempt Write to DL Protected Partitions will not cause Fatal Error & Shutdown.
Added Factory Defaults (Format) via META Interface [Factory Def.] Button.
Introduced SM6125(SDM665), SM6150(SDM675), SM7150(SDM730), SM8150(SDM855) SoC's.
Automatic PIT Extraction and Use from CSC, COMBINATION or ALL images, if
[Re-Partition] Option is ticked (not need manually select PIT File)
To Prevent errors using COMBINATION or Region change Files always use

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