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EFT Dongle New Update 09/01/2019
Software V2.3
What is New ?
[GENERAL] Updated EFT-SU to version 3.10 with new features:
-- Updated handling encrypted Samsung QCOM boot images

[MTK] Added read firmware with SCATTER support - BETA (Does not support all CPUs)
[HUAWEI] Added support to make Rooted kernel directly from UPDATE.APP firmware
[SAMSUNG] Added support to remove FRP using Patch1-2 method for models (SM-T585 - SM-T580)
[SAMSUNG] [EXCLUSIVE] Added more supported models to ONE-CLICK feature to remove
(FRP - Reset ScreenLock - CALL ME - SAMSUNG ACCOUNT - MDM ) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):

SM-A320F U4 RL2 8.0.0
SM-A510S U2 RI3 7.0
SM-A710S U2 RH2 7.0
SM-G610FDD U1 RL3 8.1.0
SM-G610FXX U1 RL2 8.1.0
SM-G930F U3 SA1 8.0.0
SM-G935F U3 SA1 8.0.0
SM-G5700ZH U2 RH1 7.0
SM-G6100ZH U2 RI8 8.0.0
SM-N920C U5 RL3 7.0

[QUALCOMM] Added more supported devices:
ZTE A2018
ZTE-Blade A320
ZTE-Blade A330
ZTE-Blade A521
ZTE-Blade A0605

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